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                                            ABOUT Home/About/Company Profile

                                            Shantou Chenghai NewQiDa Toys Factory Co.,Ltd.

                                            Shantou Chenghai NewQiDa Toys Factory Co.,Ltd. is located in Chenghai, a famous Chinese toy and gift city. It has been in the field of remote control toys for more than 20 years and is the leader in the remote control toy industry chain.

                                            The company was founded in 1988. In 1993, Xinqida Toys Factory was established. It has always adhered to the principle of technological innovation, brand excellence and customer satisfaction, and constantly strives to meet the needs of consumers. It has passed the EU ROHS, CE, EN71, EMC, ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, and obtained the export toy quality license. It is the first batch of enterprises that have obtained the national 3C certification. Has developed four-wheel drive off-road vehicles, four-wheel drive high-speed vehicles, high-speed boats, amphibious vehicles and other products, sales network covering the three sides of the three places and Europe, America, Asia and so on. The performance continued to grow steadily, forming a mature business model integrating R&D, production and sales.

                                            “QuanMei” is a toy brand owned by NewQiDa Toys Factory Co., Ltd. All the time, the “National” brand series products have been continuously innovated, and have been authorized by “Disney Manwei”, and authorized by Hasbro Transformers. The series combines the remote control educational toys with authorized animation images, which are very popular among children.

                                            In the future, “QuanMei” will keep pace with the times, grasp the opportunity of combining the remote control toy industry with the animation IP image, promote the continuous upgrading of products and services, and develop multi-functional, educational and educational remote-controlled toys to make products more scientific and technological. Interactive, educational, and comprehensive development to improve the overall strength of the company.

                                            We sincerely thank the customers and consumers who have supported and trusted Xinqida toys for many years. Your trust is our driving force. Thanks to all the staff for their dedication and dedication, you are fully committed to injecting sufficient fuel into the progress of Xinqida. Facing the future, Xinqida Toys will abide by the principle of good faith, keep improving, keep pace with the times, and keep moving forward at a new starting point.

                                            Company Culture
                                            企 業 文 化

                                            Modern enterprises are people-oriented, and employees are the largest capital of Xinqida. Talents are a stream of rivers, rivers, and the sea is measured by the rivers.
                                            Respect for talents, create a harmonious and passionate work environment for outstanding employees, and make every employee feel the sense of accomplishment of work.

                                            Over the years, NewQiDa has been a combative and competitive team and a caring group. Our administrative staff has always established a management philosophy of serving employees. Treating employees with sincerity, more communication, more communication, affirming achievements, and commending progress, even opinions and criticisms are sincere and sincere. Create an environment suitable for the growth of talents, and implement the company's goals and employees' ideals into daily activities and work environments.

                                            NewQiDa not only needs to meet the basic material life requirements of employees, but also realize its rich ideal lifestyle and goal. Through healthy working environment, enriched work content and harmonious working atmosphere, realize the benign interactive development between enterprises and individuals; Every employee has a good sense of social responsibility, teamwork spirit and dedication to work.

                                            Love NewQiDa and firmly believe that the rapid development of Xinqida, the struggle for the company's development, and the contribution of our own strength are the beliefs of every employee who joins NewQiDa.

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