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                                            Mavel Series

                                            Authorized by Manwei,The original version of the highly restored movie characters, Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Gang Tie, etc., based on the original film shape, vivid image, bring a new play experience to children.

                                            Transformers Series

                                            Authorized by "Hasbro Transformers",Bumblebee, Optimus Prime, and hot break are created according to the original film shape. The image is realistic, the state of the car is switched, the remote control is a key change, and the dynamic music is the first choice for your parent-child interaction.

                                            NQD Remote control car Series

                                            A very popular racing car, off-road vehicle with super-simulated mechanical shape. Exquisite cool shape, wireless control, strong power, to achieve the "car racing dream" in the child's mind.

                                            NQD Remote control boat Series

                                            The popular remote control ship has a simulation mechanical model. Delicate and cool styling, wireless control, strong power, to realize the "nautical dream" in children's hearts.

                                            LUCKY MORE Baby toys

                                            taking parent-child wisdom as the development concept, and integrating the elements of function, shape, music, material and color, each product can break through the traditional puzzle toys in function and appearance, making the products not only enlightening, interactive and entertaining, but also more humanized.

                                            Authorization series-Baby toys

                                            Mother and child toys,The development of the concept of teaching and enjoying brings children unlimited joyment of baby series toys.

                                            Since its inception, NewQiDa has independently developed a series of remote-controlled educational toys that combine authorized cartoon images, which are very popular among children. In the future, we will keep pace with the times, grasp the opportunity of combining the remote control toy industry with the animation IP image, promote the continuous upgrading of products and services, develop multi-functional, educational and educational remote control toys, and make products more scientific, interactive, and educational. Sexual, all-round development!

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                                            Company News
                                            Jan.7, 2019 to Jan.10, 2019, Hong Kong Toy Fair, New Chida is looking forward to your visit!

                                            From Jan. 7, 2019 to Jan. 10, 2019, Hong Kong Toy Fair is looking forward to seeing you. Asian Authoritative Toy Exhibition Ho...

                                            Industry Dynamics
                                            2018 U.S. Toy Sales Decline 2%; A Not So Surprisingly Small Decline

                                            NPD has reported that toy industry revenue declined only 2% in 2018. When you consider that the industry had been up for four consec...

                                            Video Center
                                            Spider-Man Skateboards

                                            Spider-Man's fantastic scooter was inspired by Spider-Man movie. It's a skateboard that can't slide down. The original sound effect ...

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